Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits about being a member?
Membership will hold your place in the queue for the next available plot in the garden of your choice.

When does my membership start and when will it finish?
Membership is renewed annually at the beginning of the year, around the time of the AGM, which is usually held in February.

Do I have to play for a membership to be on the waitlist?
Yes. You are asked to become a member of the society to show your commitment to future gardening.

How do I apply for a membership?
Click here to view the membership page and more details.

Will I be able to choose a specific garden I would like to be on the waitlist for a garden plot?
Yes, you can specify which garden you would like to be in.

How will I know when a plot becomes available for me?
You will be contacted via email by the coordinator of the garden.

Once a member, how will members communicate to each other?
Each garden has a group email or a Facebook page that is used for group communications.

Once assigned a lot, are there any responsibilities of being a member?
Yes. Each garden is operated as a group effort by the gardeners. There are maintenance tasks for general upkeep, and some gardens have communal plots which need tending. These tasks are specific to each garden, and there are sign-up sheets to make sure everyone does their part.

Are there any volunteer opportunities that I can contribute to the society?
Simcoe garden has some large donation beds which sometimes need additional volunteers to manage. Produce from these beds is donated. Tasks include weeding, watering, harvesting & delivery. We can put you in contact with the team leader if you are interested in this project.

What are the responsibilities as a member of the society?
As a member you are required to pay the yearly membership and plot fees in a timely manner. You must follow the garden rules laid out for each garden, which pertain to such things as type of allowable plants, organic gardening, keeping your plot weed free, etc. You are expected to help maintain the garden by doing some “chores”.

Starting your garden

When can I start planting in my plot?
Whenever you like! Some gardeners start early, or garden over the winter. Just remember that we usually bring in soil each spring (around April) to top up the plots, so you might want to time your planting accordingly.

How can I water my plot?
There are water spigots in each garden. Check the garden shed for watering cans or hoses. Feel free to bring your own as well but please do not store your equipment in the sheds.

Does a garden have tools to use when I tend to my plot?
Yes, each garden has a shed with a variety of tools available. If there is something you’d like but is not in the shed please let the coordinator know.

What plants I can’t grow in my plot?
Anything that is invasive, or spreads easily is not allowed. You must be able to contain your plantings to your own plot.

What is the maximum height I can grow something on my plot?
Avoid planting anything over 5 feet tall, as this will block sunlight from neighbouring plots. Avoid planting a “wall” of plants.

What if I can’t maintain my plot?
Failure to maintain your plot reflects poorly on the garden and does not help cultivate good community relations. Your plot must be substantially planted by June 1st. If your plot appears abandoned, or is not kept tidy, you will be given one warning to make changes. If this request is not met, you will forfeit your plot and it will be assigned to the next person on the wait list.

Renewal of a plot

Can I renew my garden plot for the following year?
Yes, you can continue with your plot. Just make sure you pay the renewal fees on time.